[H] <Gamblers Anonymous>6/10M T/W/TH 8-11PST Recruiting DPS

Gamblers Anonymous

About us:
We’re a group of mainly veteran players that no longer have the time to raid in a hardcore guild. We aim to clear Mythic content but realize that real life also requires attention, we maintain a competitive environment but not aggressively so.

Raid Schedule:
8pm to 11pm PST Tuesday
8pm to 11pm PST Wednesday
8pm to 11pm PST Thursday
(Optional often an Alt run on weekends)

Recruitment Needs:

Looking for DPS to add to our roster to increase or raid team to around 24 players whom we can rotate in and out depending on the current fight, the following requirements are encouraged to apply:

Skilled players with mythic raid or high level mythic+ experience
Raiders who can perform fight mechanics while still maintaining competitive dps
Applicants who take the initiative to research upcoming progression fights and are up-to-date on information about their class
Individuals who are open to constructive criticism if necessary
Players with a positive attitude


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