[H] Gadgetzan University open enrollment

Did your guild implode like ours? Are you wanting to find a new home to clear current content and getting into Cata? Come join !

The guild is run by friends who are both 11/12H in ICC and full heroic clears back when Cata was a thing! The target environment are those that enjoy being competitive but are also looking to not take the game too hardcore. We want to clear heroic raids but not be tryhard sweatlords! Having a community that plays actively and not raid logs makes the game a lot more fun to log into!

Come to events on time and fully prepared, no carries! We plan on having a fair LC system. Ultimately our plan is maining 10m heroic content come cata. If there is enough interest we can run multiple or dip our feet into 25m content.

We are looking for tanks, heals, and all dps. Discord to come soon!

Feel free to hit me up in game, McPews, or add on bnet, TAFKAPrince#1605.