[H] <GöA> LFM for (PURE PVP) Season 2+

Hello Kil’Jaeden,

I hope you enjoyed Season 1 PvP as we all know how balanced it was right? I mean, hey who would of thought you could hit one button and destroy an entire team if that ability was not interrupted right? j/k Although there is many changes coming in 9.1 or Season 2 for PvP. Blizz has many changes that will be incoming to affect PvP as a whole and here is the deal we as a guild / community plan to help each person progress to a desired rating that you may want to achieve this upcoming season. We have some players within the guild who have some great exp. and are planning to help lead specific RBG’s, and with that said we are planning all new guild events as we had done in the midst of Season 1.

We as a guild have had to overcome many hurdles as running a PvP guild without the toxicity can be a challenge all on its own little lone pushing ratings in some form or another. We have got many new players coming back to the game and at the same time we also have vets who have a good bit of exp. to help guide many of the ppl with less exp.

So, what are the plans for <GöA> as a whole for 9.1 and moving forward you may ask? We plan to create Multi-RBG Teams, weekly tourneys will once again make a return with mounts, gold, pets and more for tourney winners. Some of the prev. tourneys we had in Season 1 consisted as followed.

  • Friday Night Fights (Arena Touney 2v2 - 3v3 Wargames)**

  • Escape From Old Nagrand (Free For All in old Outlands)**

  • Gurubashi Bash (Free For All in STV Gurubashi Arena)**

  • 10v10 Wargames (To help hone the skills and comps of all players)**

These are some of the events we held every Friday at 7pm server and many ppl enjoyed the diversity of the people and every week you could expect a different form of an event but I must say the (Friday Night Fights) had the most popularity it was great for those who was really wanting to have a challenge and that they got.

We did some of the (Free For All) events to help players take out their anger on one another by fighting them in an old style Classic/BC atmosphere to give some of the newer players how things were back in Classic (Vanilla) / Burning Crusade days. Which back in those days it was a whole new level of community and respect people had for one another. So with that said we wanted to bring some of that feeling back and memories to some of our vets which made for some really good times. We plan to continue these said events come season 2.

Now, as far as Wpvp goes some of you know us on KJ or even maybe Tich/ED/Executus and some other servers for how we planned out Wpvp events and doing (For The Horde) Achieve runs as well. We love our Wpvp as a whole because we can actually get the entire guild involved. Grant it, the Wpvp has lacked this xpac unlike prev. xpacs where there was certain new cities and so on that we could attack. So in a sense we had to revisit some of those older zones to revamp that Wpvp feeling.

As you know currently (The Maw) cave entrance has been a hot spot for Alliance to build groups to fight the Horde and to try to prevent ppl from leaving the entrance without getting mowed down. So many Horde players were stalled and unable to complete their daily’s Maw quest. So we were called in to help on many occasions to clear out the Alliance to help the Horde get the things done they needed to get done as we all have time schedules and some of us need to get these things out of the way.

You may just say oh just turn Warmode off right? Well, as a pvper that typically is a button we would rather not hit we would rather like to keep WM on and make the thrill of a surprise attack always on your shoulders that’s much more exciting because anything can happen no matter what you are doing right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, enough about that we will be planning on many RBG Teams we are looking for more Exp. RBG/TC leads to help run some of these groups. We do have a standard Criteria that must be met in order to become an RBG Lead. Which is stated based on certain PvP history / and a Report card from the Armory will tell us a lot about your PvP history as a whole. We have designated color coded teams to help people recognize what team they are on and Discord is set-up for this specific program.

For example you may have an RBG Lead and they are Team Blue. Team Blue RBG Lead will have the ability to set certain members roles to (Blue Team) so in discord only people with the Blue Team Role will be able to see their specific chan. for their team where they can discuss strats and comps based on what they have for the team. Each team is also giving their own discord chan. within the main discord. Which is all hidden unless you have the giving role.

We continue to have additional chan. in discord for many updated changes as far as VODs and many guides to help you progress with PvP as a whole. We plan to also try to get more people involved in the guild community which can be found here >>> https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/vPjLdxEuwjO?region=US&faction=Horde. You could also just search for us in game as well for the community (GoA Community) which it should pop up in your search. This is a widely used community with many people of all exp. spanning across multiple realms. We are pushing 500 members within the Guild Community at this time and around 800 Members within the guild itself.

Again, if PvP is your things and you want to be competitive or casual in a sense we are accepting people of all skill lvls from beginners and even Glads. We want the diversity of all PvP CR / MMR so that we can all help one another become that much better as PvPers. We know there is always room for improvement no matter what skill level you may be at.

Sorry for the long post. Maybe I will make a Live stream next time to explain some of the various things we can offer you as a (Open PVP Guild) that will accept all levels as of today. So, again if you love pvp and want to be a part of a guild which its main focus is based around (Pure PvP) dont hesitate to catch an invite to the Community / Guild and give us a go you may join even on a low level toon just to test the water to see how the guild operates. This I may suggest as to you would not want to leave your current guild to join a guild you may not be happy in so I must say join on an alt of low lvl toon if you like to get an idea of how we operate before moving your main into the guild.

We want you to be happy with your choices. I hope to see some new faces come S2 of Shadowlands PvP and we look forward to hearing from some of you and again ty for reading through this crazy wall of text. I do apologize. :stuck_out_tongue:

Contact me in game if interested you can /whisper Darkleonious, Hordereserve, Xjudge for all the info you may be seeking or if you would like you may add me on Bnet: Dreadious#1236 to discuss the guild as a whole and the times and days of events and how the guild may operate. But again, if this all sounds good just look us up on the guild finder and request to join <GöA> I am on everyday and review all applicants.

(Side Note - If you come to this thread just to trash the guild or make any kind of irl threats you will be removed from this forum topic “Blizzard will be notified of your actions” no questions asked. We only ask for positive vibes as we want within the guild with a 0 tolerance for Drama and Toxicity. This will be your fair warning before you make a reply to this thread. Again, we have enough negative vibes in this world as it is we want to play the game to escape these types of negative vibes.)

For The Horde!!!
GM - <GöA>


Plus, the guild is hilarious!


If you want to find out more about red bugs, pls join. Im just here to learn.


Let the games begin! Season 2!!!

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Hello Kil’jaeden,

I hope you are having a great day and a great first week of Season 2 PvP.

GoA continues to press for rating pushes and we are in need of a few RBG leads that can run early evening hours. We currently have a few teams that run late night typically around 9pm server which is a bit late for some of our player base.

What is required for an RBG lead?

We want you to have at a min. of 1800+ rating from season 1 Shadowlands and have a bit of PvP history. You may ask why would we want a 1800+ exp from Shadowlands and not prev. expansions?

The reason for this is because of how many carry teams were in Season 1 and it was a rough go for many people to break out of the 1500-1600 bracket in RBG’s. If you managed to get 1800+ in RBG’s in Season 1 then by all means you def. know how to deal with stress related situations and high burst damage comps and strats and so on.

So if you are looking to PvP and want to actually push rating with a like minded player base support from a PvP guild that’s very active then please do give us a holler. :slight_smile:

We are also in the process of our returning weekly Tourney which we offer Gold / Pets / Mounts and a special rank in the guild for one week until the next Tourney. If you win the next week you will continue to hold that special rank. Just remember you will have many players who will be fighting for that rank :smile:. The rank offers a big increase in repairs / bank access and much more plus bragging rights.

Here at GoA we also provide general repairs for all ranks within the guild. No matter if you are a new member or a long time ranked member. We also offer FREE Enchants for all your gear needs for all member ranks as we want you to have everything you need to optimize your gear as needed without having to spend gold on enchants. We do have an active discord usually populated early evening at peak times. We currently have around 45+ active members on at peak with an increase of returning players starting to play again for S2 of Shadowlands.

If you are interested in all forms of PvP including Wpvp please don’t hesitate give us a go. We also are accepting new players or returning players of all lvls. There is no required achievement to join up and participate. We want to be able to offer other like minded mature individuals for PvP related events.

Have a great day peeps.

GM of -GoA- (Horde)
Btag: Dreadious#1236

Good luck in S2 :eggplant:

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Bump to bring PvP back to life. Also, :eggplant:

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Hello again,

yes we are about to break the chains and unleash all sorts of PvP on KJ very soon I really hope ppl are gonna be ready we need to bring KJ back as a community as a whole to give it a sense of an actual home server. Never been a fan of all the Xrealm and merging of servers. Furthermore, our weekly guild Tourneys will also be starting back up in a week or so as well which is a huge plus for the members to give them some other things to look forward to as far as pvp goes.