[H] Fury Warrior LF Guild

I’m currently looking for a home for my fury warrior, Just returned to the game after Xmas and recently faction changed so I could finally play a Zandalari Troll. Its been a few years since I raided consistently but I am interested in getting back into things in anticipation of Shadowlands. Just generally looking for a good group of people to play with as well.

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Hey there. We are a fairly new guild that is doing well in 8.3 while we building up going into Shadowlands. Great group of mature, friendly people and a chatty discord.
Our full info is below. I will try to get in touch with you. Thanks!

Guild & Server: Cupcakes and BDSM - Thrall

Raid Times/Days: Sunday/Monday - 9pmEST-12amEST

Recruitment Contacts: AwesomeIsMatt#1304(Discord)

Alfaro#7894 (Discord)

Requirements: Discord

Needs: Looking for anyone who wants to play the current content, getting to know each other, grow, make friends, pushing the current content casually, then Push Mythically in Shadowlands.

We run keys, old content, WQ together, we pretty much do everything the game offers, togethers.

We also hold guild events for awards

Allegedly is recruiting for Shadowlands. We are a Raiding and Mythic+ oriented guild. Established during Legion we’ve been together through the ups and mostly downs that was BFA. Going into Shadowlands we’re going full force to get into Mythic Raiding content as our end goal. Until now we were a AOTC focused guild usually completing the Heroic content within a 3 – 4 week time frame, and find ourselves looking for more of a challenge within the first few weeks of a content patch.

Raid Times (EST):

  • Tuesday: 9:30PM-11:30PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30PM-11:30PM


  • GM
    • Discord: Sinful#3395
    • BNET: Cyrexus#1300
  • Recruitment Officer:
    • Discord: scootZ#0282
    • BNET: scootz#12320