[H] Full Murloc LF Competent Raiders: 9.1 AOTC Prog

Full Murloc is a casual, AOTC-focused, guild looking for new members to join us on AOTC progression for 9.1!
If you’re looking for a dedicated group of players that enjoy spending time together and achieving AOTC every tier, then we invite you to give us a look!

Our Raid Team is led by a 6 year veteran with previous CE Mythic experience along with a cool head and a firm stance on making the raid environment as comfortable as possible.

Our Raid Days are: Friday and Saturday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST or Zul’jin Server Time. (Subject to Change)

We are currently looking for the following Classes and/or Specs:
Rogues - ( Outlaw Or Assassin )
Shaman - ( Enhancement with Ele/Resto offspec or Pure Ele )
Hunter - ( Any Spec )
Paladin - ( Ret/Holy with a healing/tank/dps offspec )
Priest - ( Shadow with Disc offspec )
Warrior - ( Fury Or Arms )
Mage - ( Any Spec )
Druid - ( Boomkin or Feral with healing offspec )
Warlock - ( Any Spec )

If your class/spec isn’t showcased above, still feel free to reach out to us!

Please reach out to any officer in-game or via Battle.net and Discord:
Ahlu:- Parafuni (Ahlunia)#5578 (Discord) - Parafuni#1135 (Bnet)
Fury:- Fury#3259 (Discord) - Killerpox#1990 (Bnet)
Lay:- Laylreith#2043 (Discord)

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We’re much more than just a raiding guild! Come join us for the raid and stay for the community aspect! Let us become your new home!

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Bump, bump it up!

A bump for the great group of friends!

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Still on the lookout for Raiders!

Mages, Rogues, and MM hunters have instant spots!

Splish splash goes the Murlocs! Come have fun and play with us!

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Updated our wants and needs for the raid environment!

22% best pull on Sire, come get in the prog and earn that AOTC as part of a great Casual/Social Guild!

Looking for a good time with an active guild that is extremely community-based and close to AotC? Come and join our pond! Mrgrglgrglgrgl!

Still accepting raiders looking for a home and to keep/create a stable roster!

Come join us and have fun! Raiding, tmog contests, events galore and more!

Looking for more for the raid roster still!

Come come and join our finny village! Active guild with events both in and out of game! Mrgrglgrglgrgl!

Accepting would be raiders for 9.1 Heroic Progression also!

Same classes and specs above apply.

Come be a part of a fun team! We promise not to bite :slight_smile:

Raid tonight, still taking all classes and specs mentioned above!

Now taking Warlocks!

Mrglgrlgrlgrl! Murlocs got AOTC!
Come join the fun, casual guild that can still kill bosses!

Included our days and times for those shopping around for a home!

Fresh Heroic Run Starting this weekend! Still recruiting the Classes/Specs shown above and willing to talk to anyone of any role looking to join the team or find a home!

No where else I’d rather be than right here with my fellow Murlocs. Mrglgrlgrlgrl!

Don’t wait! Join us today and find a home to settle into for now and 9.1!