[H] [Frost, Thaur, Gund, Jubei, Dreadmaul] <Aspects of Azeroth>

[Aspects of Azeroth] is a new guild that is recruiting for Dragonflight. We Raid, Mythic+ dungeon & even PvP. Social players welcome!

Raid Times (Sydney Time, AEDT):
-Wednesday 8pm-11pm Server Time.
-Sunday 8pm-11pm Server Time.

What we will give you:
Opportunities to Arena and Battleground (with enough interest Rated Battlegrounds)
Banter filled raid environment
Active and experienced leadership
Mythic+ dungeon runs with fun, friendly and competent players
Social activities such as Old content raids, Achievement runs, Trivia nights, etc

What we’re expecting:
Willingness to learn
Ability to provide and receive constructive criticism
Be reliable

what we are looking for:

  • 1 healer with offspec for dps (Not paladin or druid)
    Battlenet tag:

Connected Realms: Dreadmaul, Frostmourne, Thaurassin, Jubei’thos, Gundrak.

Edit: Emboldened the titles and changed raid roster needs.