[H] <FROST> LF Range DPS

Frost is a casual guild on Saurfang Horde looking for range dps for new tier raid - current progress 8/8H EP - 3/8 M EP

We raid 2 nights weds/thurs 9.30pm ST till 11.30pm (non DLS hours 9pm-11.30ST)

Our aim is to push for AOTC then do mythic if we have enough willing, we are a friendly casual guild with an active discord, we will not tolerate toxic behaviour in game or on our discord, we are all here to have fun drama free.

We welcome anyone whether interested in raiding or just looking for a friendly guild, alts welcome also.

If interested or for more info whisper any officer in game or add doomrosk # 6858 (Doomadin - Raid Leader) or GrumpyKitten # 127300 (Ava - GM).

casual guild raids 3 nights a week gg