[H] Friends with Benefits 1/10M LFM for our raid teams

Guild & Server: Friends with ßenefits
Recruitment Contact: Bnet Gericus#1282. Discord: Gericus#8887

Team Name: Raid 1
Raid Times/Days: Friday &Saturday 1930 to 2230 Server Time/PST
Current Progression: 5/10M
Needs: Ranged DPS
Requirements: 210 ilvl. Castle Nathria AOTC.

Team Name: Raid 2
Raid Times/Days: Friday & Saturday 1930 to 2230 Server Time/PST
Current Progression: AoTC
Needs: any interested players may apply
Requirements: 210 ilvl. No specific raid experience required.

We are a chill but progression focused guild looking to continue making progress in Castle Nathria and beyond. If you are interested or having any questions please reach out to me on bnet or discord!

Yoooooooooo, was poppin

Hey there Gericus, I sent you a Bnet friend request. I’m mostly a casual player but would hope to be able to raid with yall on my resto/feral druid. Mostly just looking for a chill grp of people to hang with in game.