[H] Friends 5/8M (Wed/Fri 6-9PST)

<Friends> 5/8M is currently recruiting for both our mythic progression team & our casual team.

Our Mythic progression team is 5/8M & raids Wednesday / Friday 6p - 9p PST. This team has a competitive roster with progression spots being earned rather than given. We're currently looking for all ranged DPS as well as rogues.

Our casual team is geared towards players that want a nurturing raid environment to learn mechanics as they progress through normal and heroic throughout the tier with a relaxed once-a-week raid schedule. They raid Thursdays 6p-9p PST. This team has open recruitment and is currently accepting all specs.

You can find most of us doing all sorts of cool stuff together throughout the week besides M+ and raiding. We have a very active discord with people doing things in & outside of WoW (a lot of us are fans of Overwatch too).
Seriously we do all sorts of cool $%#&. For example: Every May we stream to fund-raise for St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. This year we were able to raise $1,700. We also host an IRL guild party "FriendsCon" the weekend of Blizzcon at my place. In fact, you may have trouble reaching me during the week of Blizzcon as I'll be prepping for the party ;)

If you're interested in joining a community of the coolest nerds you'll ever meet, reach out to me -

My B-tag: Nate#1624
My Discord: Nate#2875
Our Raid-Leads B-tag: GankHill#1526
Hey! We had an awesome “FriendsCon” party at my place! A (partial) group photo was even shown at blizzcon!

Now that things are winding down and only one guest is still here, I’ll be back on WoW and ready to meet some fresh faces :-)

Feel free to send me an add on B-tag or discord and I’ll be getting back to you shortly <3