[H] Fresh Guild for a Fresh server!

Experienced leadership starting a fresh guild with the fresh servers coming out.

The focus on the guild is to clear content and have fun while doing so. We will focus raiding and clearing the content, but wont delve into a min-max perspective, but focus more in general viability with what the players want to play.

We will be rolling on Horde, server itself will be determined once we get the list.

Raid times are to be determined as well, but with a focus on the raid times being in the evenings. Actual days and times will be determined once we get closer to wrath and we gauge what the current members want.

As for raid spots:
They will not be determined until people start to hit 80 and are ready to raid.

If you wish to contact me feel free to add me on:

Bnet: Dethkilr#1152
Disc: Dethkilr#6239

Open recruiting any and all players