[H] Freehold leveling runs for sale or trade!


I’m your friendly neighborhood Paladin looking to help you level grind out those alts from 110-120!

What we’ll be doing:
Freehold normal, large trash pulls (you’ll just stand at the door & watch out for evil puddles)

Then after the trash we’ll go ahead & kill the final boss, and port back to the start & do it all over again. :grin:

What you’ll need:
Heirlooms leveled up 5/5
This will guarantee a speedy process for the both of us.

What I’ll need:
Just a little bit of patience. :grin: One of the trash pulls can be pretty hectic so while I love a good chat I’ll be concentrating to make sure you don’t die!

I want to help you level & not break the bank. We’ll do 2K gold per level. Half paid up front.

Not give on hold? Kinda broke? Don’t worry! We can trade!

I’m always interested in rare battle pets & mounts. Just let me know what you’ve got to offer & we’ll work out a deal.

Feel free to message me when I’m online or post on here if you’re interested. Hopefully we can get a few of those more miserable levels of of the way. :grin::grin: