[H] <Frayed Knot> is looking for more kind and helpful new friends


Frayed Knot is a small but growing social/leveling guild with mains of all levels and players of all ages and experience levels. If you enjoy the game when you are helping others, we might be the right guild for you.

We love running high- and mid-level dungeons as guild groups, explaining strategies and gear along the way, and want to help everyone learn what their class is capable of.

We feel that no one should have to leave the guild they like in order to experience raiding in classic WoW, and so we are also interested in partnering with other guilds for experiencing end-game content such as ZG, MC and Onyxia without the demands of being in a raiding guild.

Please reach out to Darl (FK’s GL), Maarak or Saintless if you’d like to talk more!

Frayed Knot: The ties that never bind!

Good hunting, and Go Horde!


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Hi. I’m a disc/holy priest, leveling partner is tank warrior. We are looking for a pve server to transfer to, checking out options.

Oops, I just saw this! If you’re still looking for a guild, please make a level 1 alt and reach out to Darl, Saintless or Maarak/Bayez. We’d love to talk with you about what you’re looking for in a guild.