[H] <Forgot to Wipe> Recruiting All Specs and Classes

Hey everyone!

I wanted to extend an open invitation to those who are looking for a new home for their mains, or alts. If your a new player or returning player we’d love to help you get started and have fun while we’re doing it. I don’t believe in limiting players to only 1 character when it comes to raiding, so you will be welcome to rotate out your characters for raids as you want too. Got a DK cool, Hunter awesome, Warrior cool! Want to take a night off from tanking and dps, no problem!

All players, characters and spec’s are welcome to join us and eventually we would like to put together raids.

As we grow and expand I’ll be adding more content and features (social media, discord, etc.).

And whats more awesome? Why the Poop Joke of the Day of course!

Its a little known fact that cow farts come from the Dairy Air… (please don’t block me)