[H] <Forgone Conclusion> Semi-Casual AotC LFM!

Forgone Conclusion (currently 10/10 H) is looking for a few more people to round out our team for future raids and M+.

We are a semi-casual (adult friendly) AotC guild on US-Thrall formed in 2012. While we are a casual guild, we strive to clear content as quickly as possible with our raid schedule. If you are unable to make a raid (which is completely OK as we all have obligations), we just ask that you mark yourself as absent.

Schedule: Friday/Saturday 9:30 PM Eastern - 12 AM Eastern with keys being ran regularly throughout the week.

We are recruiting the following:

  • 1x Mage
  • 1x Balance Druid
  • 1x Warlock
    Any dedicated & reliable player

Interested? Contact me:
Discord: Airwavve#1111
Bnet: Airwavve#11808

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Bump :slight_smile: Now 9/10

Bump - Looking for a few more folks to round out the roster for Sylvanas + the future :slight_smile:

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Very knowledge and great group of players. You wont find a better place.

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Bump! Still looking for a few more solid players :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for more :slight_smile:

To the top! :slight_smile: Still looking for more!