[H] <Forged> 8/8 BWL GMT+8 Mature Fun Guild

| Yojamba Horde | Mature Raiding | Thursdays and Sundays 2030 hrs to 2330 hrs GMT +8

Our Manifesto
Here at Forged, most of us are working adults based in the GMT+8 timezone. We have a singular purpose - to have fun and clear content as we unwind from the busy schedules of real life.

We would like to support all kinds of playstyles and encourage the act of having “serious” fun in the guild. With that being said, we wish to adopt a transparent and honest approach to handling things in the guild.

Core Values

  • Clear Communication - As officers, we will be clear in our communication to everyone with the hope that we can have a clear two-way channel of communication with one another.
  • Respect - Everyone has a valid opinion and should be heard. Let us give everyone the opportunity to speak, weigh the merits before coming to a decision.
  • Fairness- There will be no exceptions to the treatment of any member in the guild. All decisions will be made using the guidelines. We have to respect the individual efforts of everyone here taking a break from their real life. It does not matter if you are an officer, a friend of an officer, or a tycoon in real life.
  • Contribution - We do not expect perfect and equal contribution, just your commitment to come and play together with everyone else. All contributions will be considered equal as long as the minimum standard set for everyone has been met. While we don’t want to encourage leniency, we understand that everyone has their circumstances and will have varying amounts of time to play.

Loot System & Raid Schedule
We use EPGP to prevent hoarding and encourage members to pick up items. Further details are provided on our discord server in #manifesto.

Raids are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday night from 2030 hrs to 2330 hrs GMT+8.

Class Recruitment
We’re currently recruiting Healers and ranged DPS

If you think could be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact the following officers on Discord to further discuss your potential recruitment.


Thanks for making it this far and we hope to see you in Azeroth.

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Bump! We’re looking for healers and dps now!

Awesome possumz, let’s get this going!

Only 5 slots to a full raid! Bump

Hi Dralmar, which discord link was yours?

I’m on powstrike XD

11/11 guild right there bois. MC on farm before BWL drops. Join us today!

Still need DPS, come join and be part of a positive and fun team