[H] Flying Lotus - Whisperwind/Dentarg 12/12h 2/12m

Hello future members of the Flying Lotus!

We are a brand new guild trying to make our way into Azeroth! We welcome new and old players alike, those starting fresh, or looking for a new community! Our primary focus will be end game content, however we are welcoming new players and are willing to teach them how to get ahead!

If you’re looking to get down on some mythic raids and dungeons this is the place for you! We study and learn aspects of WoW to become the best we can be, but don’t let that pressure you into thinking you need to become a hardcore player. We are looking for active members, and our only requirement is that you must be ACTIVE in which you play at least 2-3 days a week.

We are on the rise to make a guild that has the achievements needed to get that cool mount you want from that one Vendor! We will be doing mount runs/dungeons/raids on all difficulties regularly allowing players of all skill levels/activity to partake! We do plan on making you fit for mythics eventually so please keep that in mind.

Our current short term goal is to get as many achievements as possible allowing us to be a guild with many benefits to being apart of. As a newly established guild, all of our Officer positions are currently open.

We are looking for non-toxic players! We want to build a strong and friendly community! We have many interests that you may have a good time talking about such as:


and more!

Join the Order of the Flying Lotus today!