[H] <Fair Play> Horde Progression Guild LFM

[H] -

Guild Leaders: Nugg/Chenice

Guild Officers: Freezy3, Jmage, Stax

About: Clearing content of the highest level in a friendly, welcoming raid atmosphere with an emphasis on fun and teamwork. We are looking for players who are committed to doing their best, that know how to play their class, but are also open to coaching. We expect everyone to respect each others time. Full consumes, bis spec/items/enchants/gems will be required.

Raid Teams: We have two raid teams, Excellence and Teamwork

Excellence raid times: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (generally progression and PTR only)@ 6:30 - 9:30 PM ST. (including split raiding) Teamwork raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:30-9:30 ST.

Progression Excellence: 17/17 Naxx/EoE/OS (Server 2nd 25 man 17/17) Teamwork: 17/17 25 man 17/17 10 man (Horde 3rd 17/17 25 man, and server first 17/17 10 man)

Loot Rules:

Excellence: Onslaught Loot List. This system allows players to prioritize their own gearing pathway and is fully transparent and objective. Teamwork: We will be using a fully transparent loot list. No drama, no loot council.

Currently recruiting:

Resto/Ele Shaman
Shadow/Disc Priest

We’ll gladly consider any class if the player is a skilled raider.

Please contact me with any questions!