[H] [Faerilina] <Exhibition> Recruiting All Exceptional Players

New Parse Focused / Boss Kill Time / Achievement - Looking for players who like to show up each week and be their best in both attitude and gameplay by min/maxing their characters including professions, gear, enchants, gems, and consumables.

Guild looking to get heavily geared members through BT/SWP ready and prepared for Wrath of the Lich King release. A guild organized dungeon levelling group(s) to level 80 and clearing Naxx on the first possible lockout are some of the Guild’s first goals.

We will clear current raid content in 1 night clears after progression. We are not looking to create a high-pressure speed running environment but one that is fun and efficient because the players who show up are just naturally good enough to go fast. We plan to clear content each week until it is not considered “current content” including 10 Man and 25 Man heoric or normal in wotlk. If having an achievment book full of completed raiding achievements, fast efficient raid sessions with like-minded raiders then this is the guild for you.

Loot will be handled on a transparent thatsmybis list and google spreadsheet. Loot Council Loot List > MS > OS. With raiders choosing 3 items from each tier they want actively prio to their character. Guild leadership will decide which classes are prio’d first and which players receive items based on attendance and performance but those 3 items will go first to those players first. Researching which items are the highest dps, hps or mitigation/threat upgrade is encouraged previous to the launch of a new phase and bis list prios will be locked in before the tier starts. Loot sheets will be posted via google sheet at the begining of each tier by the raid leader and are subject to change only slightly if there are roster changes. If there is an item that is not on the prio sheet it’ll typically be rolled off MS>OS, Because most items will be one of the 3 items on the that’s my bis this usually takes 4-6 weeks into a tier to start occurring. This ensures 120 dps increases go to the right person instead of upgrading someone 10 dps and bosses die faster.

Current Content (SWP):
Sunday 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM Server (EST)

Old Content (BT):
Monday 8:00 Server - 12:00 Server (EST)

We are recruiting all exceptional players as we roll out into the end of this expansion and into a new one. Guild Leadership has played since the original Wotlk and was a part of world top 30 guild. Has been either a raid leader or guild leader throughout various expansions. We are also actively looking for a Recruitment Officer and Dedicated Raid Leader (Preferably Main Tank).

Message if interested - discord azoc#0001