[H] <Faded Gods> 10/10 H LF raiders!

Faded Gods (Horde/Kil’Jaeden)

Hello! We are a raiding progression guild that raids Sat/Sun 6-8PST. We also have pvp and m+ nights currently on Thursdays for those interested as well as people doing content during the week at other times. All of our events (raids/m+ nights/pvp) are done with sign ups through discord. We have several others who push keys during the week on various nights/times.

We are a semi-casual raiding guild that is in the process of adding to our roster. We plan to continue to raid heroic for the time being as we build the roster up with hopes of casually going into mythic to kill as many bosses as we can. We are running 2/3/9-10 comps looking toward 2/4/12-14. We are a tight nit group that is both laid back, but also looking to clear content together and have fun!

Range DPS - High - prefer warlock, ele sham, or boomie (open to all specs)
Melee DPS - Medium - prefer warrior, havoc dh (open to all, but DK)
4th Healer and backup heals - Medium - prefer disc priest of hpal (open to other specs)
Backup tank - Low - always recruiting someone willing to backup tank, but can dps main.

Add on BNet bark#11701

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