[h] <faceroll> recruiting for shadowlands | 2day (thurs/fri evenings)

Faceroll on Illidan [H] is a 2-day weekend raiding guild that is looking for individuals who are interested in pushing Mythic raid content for cutting edge while still enjoying our time.

While our main focus is fielding a team for Shadowlands, we’re also planning on casually running Ny’alotha until Shadowlands release.

About Us
Faceroll has been around in some form or another since Mists of Pandaria. Our officer team is filled with individuals who have prior Cutting Edge experience in past expansions and looking to get back to achieving that. With Shadowlands looking to be a good expansion, we’re aiming to get back to that.

Raid Times
We’re going to be raiding 2 times a week, for a total of 6 hours per week:
Thursday: 9pm - 11:30pm EST
Friday: 9pm - 12:30am EST

What We’re Looking For
We’re looking for people who are wanting to progress through Mythic content while still enjoying their time. We’re not aiming to be part of the World First race, but do want to achieve clears while content is still relevant. We’re looking for people who don’t need their hand-held to do what they need to do so they’re prepared for raid, we’re looking for active members who will play the game outside of just raid nights.

Recruitment Needs

  • Ranged DPS: HIGH
  • Melee DPS: Low
  • Healers:
    Hpal - High
    Mistweaver - High
    Other healers - Low

How We Operate
We know each guild handles things differently, so we’d like to be as up-front with how we do things as possible.

  • Loot

As of this moment there’s no formal loot rules used, or plan to be used. We’re operating off the basic understanding that we’re a team and hope all will pass loot around that benefits the team as a whole the most.

  • Consumables

We aim to provide all consumables needed for raid, but that is so long as we have contributions from he whole team either in form of mats or gold.

  • Bench

At this time it’s unclear how this will operate as we’re still working on fielding a full team, but the plan is to recruit beyond just a 20 man roster and setup a rotation so as to ensure that no person is sitting for more than a single week at a time.

  • Attendance

We don’t do any sort of formal attendence tracking, but we do expect people to make it to majority of raid nights and if you’re going to miss a night, or week, let officers know ASAP so we can plan around it.

  • Addons

Typically we’re not going to sit here and dictate what addons you do or do not use so long as it’s not causing issues. If you end up messing up mechanics and aren’t using something like BigWigs or DBM, you may be told to install it.

  • Out of raid activity

We don’t have any requirements for doing things outside of raid, beyond the understanding that it is your responsibility to do anything such as M+ to maintain your gear to a raid-ready level.

We do require all raiders to have a working microphone and be willing to use Discord.

As of this moment we’re still working on the process for raid apps, so feel free to add an officer on BNet and we can chat!

  • Healofsteel [Guild / Raid Leader] - Sauron#1367
  • Alzar [Guild Co-Leader] - Alzar#11256

Still Looking.

Looking for more range!!!

Looking for some Ranged Pumpers!!!

Looking for more!

Need a shadow priest?

Looking for more range and healers!!!

Looking for more range/healers!!!

Still looking for more ranged DPS. Mages, Warlocks, Hunters, Boomkins. Any Healers are also welcome!

Looking for more range dps and healers!!!

Still looking for them dps!!

Looking for more range!!

Looking for more range dps and 1 healer!!!

Looking for more players!!!

Yo! I’m reaching out looking for a raiding guild for Shadowlands. In BFA i was 6/12M as a boomkin on Thrall. My guild disbanded and now i’m on Illidan looking to learn mage (arcane) and have a monk (undecided) as backup. I have good attendance and do my best to maintain class power and improve my performance. If you have room please add me on discord to discuss:


I’ve never been cutting edge and i’m not too worried about it. I’m looking for mythic progression with a good group of people that aren’t elite ‘exceptional’ players. If cutting edge happens cool beans just looking for a place to belong and be apart of the team and have fun. If you think I can be a good fit please reach out. I also have a friend that can perform as a SV hunter. People always throw a fit because we aren’t meta slaves and prefer to play underdog/fun specs. We can compete and pull our weight just looking for a good fit with laidback folks.

Hey all, love the guild name haha.
Looking for a guild that can progress through mythic.
I’ve never been in a hardcore guild but I’m looking to go tryhard in SL.
Open minded, able to research mechanics and whatever mage spec is best I will end speccing into.
Pugged through H uldir in a month and pugged H Garrosh back in MoP, not trying to pug ever again lol.

Btag: Aeromao#1807

Hi all, I have a mage DPS ready for SL. Also love the guild name haha.
Looking for a guild that will progress through mythic.
I’m open minded, will study mechanics hard and will play arcane/frost depending on whichever does more DPS.
I’ve never been in a hardcore guild but I’m going to go tryhard for SL.
I pugged through heroic uldir in a month for BfA and through Garrosh back in MoP. Not trying to pug ever again.

Btag: Aeromao#1807

Hey, Returning Hunter looking for a guild for Shadowlands & so on.
Didn’t play much of BFA but have been playing WoW for 10+ Years, I have a high knowledge of the game & am always prepared for content ( consumables, mechanics etc… )
I’ll leave mine below if interested! thanks (:
Discord: Kuzy#8223