[H] - <Extended Warranty> - Serious Raiding Guild Recruiting

Hello veterans and newcomers of Illidan. I’m Zencarth and I’m one of the Co-Gms of Extended Warranty.

We are seeking to have two teams that raid the same days/times.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST

Team 1 - A Team pushing to get AOTC we are 9/10 Heroic and will probably be AOTC this week or next week. After that will farm heroic for two or three weeks the first raid night. Then start progressing on mythic on our other nights.

Team 1 is seeking the following:
Marksman Hunter - OS Beast Mastery
Fire Mage - OS Frost
Elemental Shaman - OS Restoration
Retribution Paladin - OS Holy

Everything else is locked on Team 1 right now.

Team 2 - B Team will also be pushing to get AOTC, they will be brought in on farmed mythic bosses and in some instances prog mythic bosses. This team is primarily for people who want mythic kills but once it’s on farm and have the skillset to do so. We aren’t going to carry you. This team is for people who mainly enjoy pushing mythic plus keys very seriously outside of raid days. So if your focus is pushing mythic plus. You want a serious m plus established team. That wants to memorize or has memorized paths, affixes, spots for prideful. ETC. Then this team is for you and will get you in the main team when you want to down mythic boss content outside of heroic raid farming and m plus pushing.

Team 2 is seeking the following:
Protection Paladin - LOCKED
Protection Warrior - OS Arms
Holy Priest - OS Shadow
Resto Druid - OS Balance - LOCKED
Resto Shaman - OS Elemental
Mistweaver Monk - OS Wind Walker
Holy Paladin - OS Retribution
Sub Rogue - OS Outlaw
Unholy Death Knight - OS Blood
Arms Warrior - OS Fury
Shadow Priest - OS Discipline
Fire Mage - OS - Frost
Affliction Warlock - OS - Destruction
Marksman Hunter - LOCKED
Balance Druid - OS - Guardian

We have adopted hardcore pushing in the sense of teamwork and working together. Treating this with realistic intentions. We are not the type of hardcore team that is going to be yelling, screaming, calling each other out in negative ways. We are going to learn from our mistakes and own up to our mistakes so we can improve while we progress at our own pace. But we’re going to take raiding for each raid tier of this expansion very seriously. Pulling first boss on time, having the right consumes for each raider, everyone farming for the guild. Getting to know each other outside of raid so we can progress in keys together and learn how we can improve.

We understand some guilds and players enjoy more heated atmospheres, that being yelling, harsh jokes, name calling, grinding each others gears, lighting a fire under peoples feet. We get it. But we aren’t going to do that. However if we notice you don’t come prepared, you aren’t going to be real with yourself and leave your ego at the door. We’re probably not for you.

This guild was founded on staying small. We only want 40 dedicated members. That want to take raiding and m plus seriously in a realistic structure. So when you join if interested with us. Please don’t ask to bring your friend or family member along. Unless you know for a fact they are just as good at this game as you are. I’m saying that in a realistic way. Not some harsh we are gonna hate on your friend or family member way. Please understand this.

If you intend to apply with us. We do a discord application and interview process. People on team 1 do a one week trial. Team 2 as you can see we only have one person. Team 2 new members we’d like you to join and be patient while we fill with like minded individuals who want the same goals and accomplishments that we are striving for here.

Please have logs ready from last expansion or the last time you seriously raided. We really don’t want casual players of any capacity, “semi-hardcore” people that say this and end up being casual, or toxic elite players. We want that common hardcore middle ground raider/m plus pusher. If this sounds like you and we sound like what you want. Add me on discord.

Discord: Hyperblade#2965

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

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lets go come raid with us dont suck wooooo

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Hi!!! I’m Whan!!

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Good people and hamburgers!

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Great group of people to do content with!

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Good people here

Good people here

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Hey Stagger! Looking forward to talking to you!

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Good quality people here talkative and friendly

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HAMBURGERS FOR NEWCOMERS and if you can be awesome and down content with us.

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Bumping the post. Come join us and have some hamburgers.