[h] <ex resurgam> late night gmt+8 recruiting

Ex Resurgam is a Horde GMT +8 Raiding guild that achieved AOTC every tier of BFA. As we move towards AoTC in Castle Nathria in SL, now is a great time to join us!

Our raid times are Wednesday and Monday nights 8:30pm +8gmt WA time (11:30pm ADST, 10:30 AEST) - 1100pm +8gmt WA time (2am ADST, 1am AEST).

Run by experienced Heroic/Mythic raiders who are working family orientated players with a lets get this done during raid time mentality.

If you are a committed raider or group of raiders looking to clear Heroic content with a guild of like-minded players who believe in Real Life > WoW but enjoy the challenge of progressing through content with people willing to laugh, then perhaps this is the place for you.

We are currently considering all classes but currently full on healers.

We also run Mythic+ Dungeons on a set Thursday night but also other nights as people feel like. If you are interested in joining our guild for some late night dungeon action feel free to apply also.

PM Crucifer#1686 on Battlenet or on Discord Keltash#9146 or Verkfall#1822.