[H] Ex Inferno Team Red - 3/9 M / AoTC LF RDPS

Ex Inferno’s Team Red is looking for more raiders to complete our 25-person roster for Mythic Progression.

Team Red
We are a group of adults who are looking to have fun but take progression seriously and want to use the time we have raiding efficiently.

Current Progression: 9/9 H, 3/9 M

Raid Times:
Tuesday & Wednesday
8:30 - 11:00 PM ET/Server

Recruiting Needs:

Healers: CLOSED

– Elemental Shaman (Heal OS)
– Shadow Priest (Heal OS)
– Balance Druid (Heal OS)
– Warlock
– Hunter

All exceptional applicants considered!!!

Our focus is to take our raid times seriously and progress as much as possible in Mythic. Raiders will be expected to be prepared by knowing how to maximize the output of their spec, have intimate knowledge of the fight mechanics (read, not just watch videos), and have a team-oriented mentality. Many of us are ex-hardcore raiders who are now adults with adult lives. We want to enjoy ourselves and meet our potential to make continuous progression for each Raid.

Sound good? Check out the community recruitment post as you will also be joining the whole of the Ex Inferno Community. If you are interested, join our discord server and tag with @Hello and state that you are interested in joining Team Red! Team Contacts: Pharcyde#6648 (Disc) / Pharcyde#1967 (Battle) - Serenídad#9857 (Disc)

WEBSITE LINK: exinferno. com
DISCORD LINK: discord.gg/pRhHdpD

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Wow, ya’ll seem like a fun group of people. Sign me up!

Best group of people there is! Come have some fun while we push progression

Still looking for RDPS!

Where them d33ps

Give us them D33ps

More dots and totems!