[H] EX CE raider lf new home

Dvdm- thrall

Looking for a mythic raiding guild.
Raiding experience
Vanillia - Rag
TBC - all content “aotc” - guild stopped at Muru for SW
Wrath - All content “aotc” - I even made a mage that I only played during this expansion so we could zero light yogg.
Cata - All content “aotc” - Rag is still one of my most proud kills
Draenor - CE Cho, blackhand, only got to mano on mythic
Legion - CE Xavius

After Xavius I broke both of my wrists and I took a break for all of legion/bfa. Took some time till I felt I could play at that level again. It was a pretty nasty break.

My current guild is 8/10m but are only doing generals/sire content and their raid group is full. In fact three of the officers are shamans and there is no realistic world I can raid with them again. As such, I’m hoping to find a new guild.

I’m laid back and prefer to laugh over yell during a raid. I’ll find some way to lighten the mood during progression.

Hi Future! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

you don’t say what spec you play… if you’re ele I might have a home for you

I am Indeed elemental. Wont let me add links but my character name/server is there if you wish to look up logs/character.