[H] <Esprit> (Frostmourne/Thaurissan Group) Team G5 is recruiting! 5/10M


The guild in Thaurissan has 7 raiding guilds and comprises a multi-national community to push WoW content together!

Our raid team, [Team G5] is a relatively new semi-casual raiding team that focuses on having fun while we raid competitively, and ultimately to achieve Cutting Edge! Our raid schedule is 2-3 raid days per week, with Mondays on alternating weeks for progression at 9pm-12am GMT +8 (Singapore/Malaysia Time).

For example:
Week 1: Wed + Thurs + Mon
Week 2: Wed + Thurs
Week 3: Wed + Thurs + Mon
Week 4: Wed + Thurs

Our progression so far
5/10 Mythic SoD
10/10 Heroic SoD
8/10 Mythic CN

We are recruiting exceptional players of ALL roles to improve our current roster, specifically these classes:

Priest (Heal with DPS offspec)
Monk (Heal with DPS offspec)
Enhance Shaman

If you feel that you are a good match for us, please contact us via Bnet to arrange a chat!