[H]-Eranikus <Rainbows and Unicorns> 25m 13/14 3/9HM | 10M 13/14 9/9HM | Tues/Sun 8-11 EST

We are on US-Eranikus (Horde) is recruiting for our 25m raid team!

Pretty laid back group of players. We are looking for Exceptional DPS and fun people for our Ulduar Roster. We enjoy raiding together, but hold the expectation you come to raids prepared and minimize downtime and perform your role at a quality level.

RL with experience leading a top 100 US guild from OG wrath through MOP with some stints that pushed into top 50 US on a 9 hour/week schedule.

Loot is handled via Loot Council, consisting of 4 members who meet and work together for the betterment of the guild, not play favorites.

25 man - 13/14, 3/9 HM (FL/XT/Thorim)
10 man - 13/14, 9/9 HM
10 Alt - 13/14, 8/9 HM

Currently we are in need of:

Healers: 1
Holy Paladin
Holy Priest/Resto Druid

DPS: All Exceptional Applicants considered regardless of class

Fire Mage
Affliction Lock
Feral Druid
Big Pumpers of any spec

Tanks: 0

Our raid schedule is as follows.
Tuesday: 8:00-11:00 EST
Sunday: 8:00-11:00 EST

Discord: Peejay#8656
Btag: Peejay#1460

Also entertaining offers of groups of people from dying guilds.