[H] <Equinox> Recruiting

Hey all!


About us : We are a semi-hardcore PVE guild with a laid back, and friendly approach. We don’t want to take the FUN out of raiding, but we are always after players who want to continuously improve and push themselves to the limit.

Expectations :

  • Maintain 90+% attendance
  • Must have extensive knowledge and understanding of your class and how to itemize properly. (Gems/Enchants and Spec)
  • Must have knowledge of raid/boss encounters - Must have consumables for raids (Food/Flasks/Weapon Oil etc)

Loot System : EPGP System

Currently looking for:

Team Blue:

  • 1x Feral Druid or Prot Warrior

Team Purple:

  • 1x Shadow Priest

All exceptional players encouraged to apply!

Blue Raids - Wed/Thurs - 8pm Server Time Start.
Purple Raids - Mon/Tues - 8pm Server Time Start.
Pink Raids - Sat/Sun - 7:30 Server Time Start.

For more information or to have a chat, Please contact