[H] Epsilon! Currently 9/9 N and 3/9 H



Epsilon is recruiting new members!
Epsilon is an active guild, with a solid foundation based off of previous guild knowledge and experience. Here there is room to grow and accomplish our shared goals. We are all here for each other, you will not find yourself without a person willing to assist you in one way or another.

Our activities
Casual and progression raiding
Mount farming
Emmisary/World Quest dailies
Occasional PvP
Transmog runs

What we are looking for:
⦁ Those who are interested in raiding
⦁ Those who are interested in pushing content and having fun at the same time
⦁ Those looking to grow with a guild

Above all else our goal is to enjoy our game time, we’ve all had our fair share of toxicity in the game and came together to build something better for ourselves. We are a super friendly environment ready to welcome you into our Guild!

Message me in-game if you are interested [Aeger-Terokkar] or leave your reply here!

Epsilon is on Facebook and Discord