[H] Epiphany - 10/10 H LF raiders for mythic prog team

Epiphany is recruiting raiders for our two teams! We have both a semi-hardcore mythic progression team and a casual AOTC team, both raid T/TH 9pm-12am EST. We also do M+ groups 7 days a week, casual PvP, and other fun contests and events!

Expectations: For mythic progression team, research mechanics prior to raid using resources like FatbossTV, review their logs and always look to continuously improve, and have patience and respect for your guildmates. We always provide flask cauldrons and feasts, but still expect you to bring full sets of personal consumables.

We have a very social community and you’re guaranteed to make some friends with us! If interested please message me on Discord at Comrade Felix#0338 or Bnet at Bevo#11124