[H]Eon Sol - N/H Raiding Guild now recuiting

Eon Sol (formerly <Sylvanas for Warchief>) is a small casual N/H raid guild that aims to foster a helpful and close-knit environment. We welcome new players and veterans alike.. No experience necessary, but please have a willingness to learn, follow direction, be punctual and reliable. Guild provides most raiding necessities (Enchants, Gems, Consumables).

Wednesday & Thursday
7:15 - 10p CST (realm time)

We are looking for a few more DPS to round out our raid team.
Priority classes/specs:
Rogue (subtlety, assassination)
Hunter (any)
Druid (feral, balance)
DH (havoc)
DK (frost, unholy)
Monk (ww)
Priest (shadow)
Shaman (enhancement, elemental)

Sorry, we do not currently require any dedicated tanks. We could use a swing healer, prefer either WW Monk with MW offspec, or Shadow Priest with Holy offspec (no Disc, please).

GM - Ðirt - Btag: Chemtale#11302 - Discord: Chemtale#9347
Recruitment Officer - Zariva - Btag: Basp#1700 - Discord: Zariva#9080
Officers - Ayathul
Not a fan of burning world trees huh?
09/28/2018 01:12 AMPosted by Kraed
Not a fan of burning world trees huh?

Well, many people weren't fans which doesn't really bode well for us as far as recruitment.
But it was also a pretty outdated name, anyways.
We are still looking for a few dedicated and reliable raiders.


We are again looking to add a few new faces.

Would especially be interested in picking up:
MW Monk
WW Monk
Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Ret Pally

Any DPS class/spec not listed but interested, do still give us a holler!