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:small_orange_diamond: Tired of joining guilds to find them dead within a month?
:small_orange_diamond: Nothing to do in your guild outside of raids?
:small_orange_diamond: Tired of seeing people online, but nobody actually doing anything?
:small_orange_diamond: Bothered that your guild leadership doesn’t play the game?

It’s time for a change. It’s time for your new home. It’s time for Envelop.

Envelop is a primarily PvE focused Horde guild located on US - Illidan.

While our focus is and always will be retail World of Warcraft, we will often embark on adventures in other worlds. So, even if you find yourself as someone who takes breaks often from World of Warcraft, you’ll still find a stable home here that supports you in whichever journey you might take. No matter who you are and what you play, you can envelop yourself here.

We offer numerous dedicated raiding teams ranging from mythic progression to AOTC+ in difficulty. Can’t make dedicated teams? We have you covered with our frequent guild runs. Bring your main or bring some alts because we’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to shine.

Looking for a team? https://envelop.gg/teams

Don’t like to raid but love M+? We have you covered. Join our Discord and climb 30 unique ranks and show off your seasonal mastery. Our members range from casual key climbers, the weekly 15 doers, and the hardcore key mashers. Stop using LFG and come join a guild filled with people who actually do things. Our guild chat is your home to find others to do keys with.

If you’re someone who looks for a reason to log in and doesn’t enjoy raiding or M+ then look no further. We have a dedicated team that hosts frequent social events that range from achievement runs, in-game contests, out of game holiday events like Secret Santa, or even just nights where we all try a new Steam game. Our events aren’t like other guilds filled with cliques and inside jokes you won’t understand. We’ll do our best to break the ice and help integrate you in our home as quickly as possible. You’ll earn a dedicated in-game rank with extra gold for repairs, all for just coming to any guild event.

We play the game

We’re primarily a guild that does things, so if you’re someone who logs in for 30 minutes, once a week - then this won’t be a home for you. We purge inactive players from our roster often because nobody wants to look at a graveyard.

We enjoy what we play

Overly negative people, elitists, or anyone who enjoys spewing hatred of any kind should seek a different guild. We’re here to enjoy the game we pay to play, not hear your opinion on the current state Blizzard, politics, guns/drugs, or anything controversial in the real world. We’re not saying your opinion isn’t important, but our guild isn’t and will never be your soapbox for ranting. We know the game isn’t perfect, we know it was better “back in the old days”, we’re tired of hearing the same thing. We here to have fun! Let us enjoy the game.

Anyone who interferes with another players inability to enjoy the game will be swiftly and irrevocably removed without warning.

Still here?
Don’t wait forever, your new friends are here TODAY.

Join our active Discord:

Find us online:

Join in-game by using any of the below options:
:small_orange_diamond: Simply ask for an invite in-game. We’re proudly open invite.
:small_orange_diamond: Apply via the in-game guild finder. We approve these daily.
:small_orange_diamond: Ask for an invite in our Discord. We’ll get you in!

We’re glad you considered joining us today, we’re even more glad you’re playing World of Warcraft. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Stop by and check us out! You never know unless you try.

Are you excited for prepatch? We are!

I’m excited for the prepatch!

New team added Horde!

Looking for a home with people to play with? :slight_smile:

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Whether you need a team for Shadowlands or just some chill people to chat with, is the home for you.

What are you doing to get ready for Shadowlands? Come chat with us about it!

Can’t wait for Shadowlands? Neither can we! Join us and prepare for the new adventure!

For the Horde or For the Alliance? Doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

We are eagerly awaiting Shadowlands, are you?

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Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

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The prepatch is getting closer and closer

What are you doing to get ready for Shadowlands? Come chat with us about it!