[H] Enhancement Shaman LF Raiding guild

I am a returning player but veteran to wow. I am looking to get back into raiding because I have finally gotten back into the game heavily. Ive done hardcore raiding in the past but I am not looking for something spectacular but a good group to get things done. Currrently i am ilvl 418 but i am still going up. I know my class and just looking to get back into this expansion.

I currently work a 2nd/3rd shift type of job that deals with Law enforcement so i am looking for a mid day raiding guild probably ending before 9PM EST. I can also possibly get my schedule switched around to the point where i dont work those certain raid days.

If you want to reach me in game my Btag is Crusade#1447

Thanks in advance.

Shot ya a friend request! Look forward to talking with you to see if we can be a good fit for you!