[H] EMPIRICAL - 6/12M - Seeking Mythic Raiders

Hello Azuremyst and Staghelm! Allow me to be the first from Dawnbringer/Madoran to welcome you into our new joint server group.

Empirical is currently recruiting members for its Shadowlands Mythic team. Through BFA we have transitioned from a heroic guild that dabbled in mythic to reaching 6/12M in Ny’alotha. In Shadowlands our goal is to push even further in Mythic and reach our first CE as a guild. To do this, we need the best that our server group has to offer.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Monday 9 pm – midnight EST (8 – 11 pm server).

Expectations: We desire players who raid with a belief that they can always improve and to be continually working to play better.

We are looking for exceptional players of all roles and specializations to fill our Mythic team. If you are interested, please reach out to me (Discord: Gorwyk#7547) or our raid leader Bekabeka (Discord: Christine#6853).