JC w/ max points into necklace crafting LFW have plans for Elemental Lariat. Send personal work orders to Lizardwizard-Runetotem (horde). If you’re alliance see if you’re able to send a personal work order not sure how that works…I know I do see your orders on public AH.

25k for rank 5 no primal infusion ilvl 392.

50k for rank 5 WITH primal infusion ilvl 405. (due to increase in skill difficulty to get rank 5)

Do not put a rank cap on your order, I will continue to recraft it up to rank 5 if it isn’t automatically proccing it. The better the mats you provide the higher the chance to quickly get rank 5. If you send all tier 1 mats I’m going to return it, please provide best mats you’re able to provide.

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I am looking for a JC to craft the primary stats max quality over the alliance side. For science I tried to do a personal order for you but it does not work. I only use max quality materials and I never use public order, but the current system of spamming trade LF a JC is a waste of time. For a 2-person guild of me and my husband this new profession thing does not really work. I hope Blizzard will allow setting quality in public orders soon. In desperate need of the primary stat gem for necklaces on 3 toons and counting.