[H] Eitrigg <Big Deals> Recruiting healers and ranged DPS

[H] Eitrigg is a semi-casual guild looking for a few people to round out its roster in preparation for raiding. We founded the guild about 2 weeks prior to the expansion release with some IRL friends. We have various backgrounds of experience within WoW, from hardcore raiding to PvP to casual leveling and just meeting new people. Some of us are older and have children and families. We have worked hard to make it a fun and stress-free environment for everyone to come and do whatever it is that they enjoy while making it easy to find others to group with.
We don’t have a set raid schedule yet but plan to do 2 days a week and possibly a 3rd, depending on what people want to do.
We’re currently in need of tanks, healers, and ranged DPS. However, we accept everyone because we’re looking to have fun and we can make our groups work based on what we have.
We have all the basics as well. Stocked guild bank, discord server, etc…
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact BÍlly in-game or look for the guild.

Hi! I currently run a guild of about 70 players on Shu’Halo, we also formed prior to Shadowlands through a group of 4 IRL friends. We all are experienced raiders and we currently need healers and DPS, 2 of my IRL friends are tanking so we’re good there. Would you be interested in merging the guilds so we can have a full-functioning raid group? It seems Shu’Halo-Etrigg is sparse with raiders, and I think us coming together could benefit us by guild achievements and what not. As seeing you’re the most recent guild post in a while on this forum, I think it would be wise to merge our guilds rather than compete for raiders, and it sounds like we would be a good fit, especially roster wise. We also plan to do 2, maybe 3 days a week, we’re still waiting to decide the days. Add me on Discord at Samuel#7020 or my B-tag at Samuel#1519 if you’re interested!

I hope to hear from you!