[H] Earthfury <Unsatisfied> - Sunday/Monday raiding guild

Sunday/Monday raiding guild Recruiting all classes

We are a semi-hardcore group, 1 raid team of core players since October. We full cleared ALL of AQ40 week 1 - 9/9, Skeram to Cthun, Ouro and Viscidus, and continue to do so on a weekly basis. We raid every Sunday and Monday. Looking to add to our roster committed players who have a mind for progression raiding. While we do like to keep a focused raid, we all still enjoy the game and play it to have fun, so don’t be too uptight.

Raid Times:
Sundays - 7pm Est AQ40 full clear
Mondays - 7:30pm - BWL/Ony/ZG Idol runs
Thursdays we run a pug MC raid
AQ20 on lockout reset
Zg-Gdkp we run goes at least once a week and open to all.

Our guild has an EPGP System of Loot with a planned loot aspect based on upgrades, performance, attendance for big items. If you show up, contribute to the guild, do your job, you get the gear, its really very simple.

Class Need Priority as follows: (Not exclusionary against any class as long as you show up prepared. You come ready whether in the raid or not you will earn your spot - No Alts preferable)

Open to all classes.

The expectation is that you are equipped to progress efficiently, and to show up and perform, which means full world buffs, pots, etc for every raid… Gear is important, but attitude is definitely even more so.

Contact me discord, Spiderblue#1669 if you are interested in joining or Spiderblue/Spiderbolt in-game -