[H] <Drunk Tanks Anonymous> 6/12M | 8-11PM EST TWR ☆

DTA is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Area-52. Our main goal has always been to push for Cutting Edge (CE) every tier, regardless of the time it takes! We’re a group of close friends that have been playing for multiple tiers and a variety of games for a long time. All jokes and fun aside, all that we request is that everyone has the same dedication and ability to give their best to raid progression.

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - 8 to 11 PM EST (Server Time)
Sunday (Optional) - 8 PM EST, Heroic NYA Clears

Raid Progression
Ny’alotha | 12/12 H (AoTC), 6/12M on Vex
Eternal Palace | 8/8 H (AoTC), 8/8 M (CE)
Battle of Daza.| 9/9 H (AoTC), 9/9 M (CE)
Crucible of St. | 2/2 H (AoTC) - Skipped Mythic Prog.
Uldir | 8/8 H (AoTC), 8/8 M (CE)

Raid begins with mythic re-clear unless we are progressing on a boss that is preferred for extensions. Since all gear is personal now, we do try to re-clear as much as possible so that all raiders can get their best in slots and are always more than happy to help gear up alts that are intended for character re-rolls or alternatives for raid progression.

Actively Recruiting
☆ All Exceptional Raiders

Some great things we’d love to see from you:

  • A Great Sense of Humor
  • On-Timeness & Readiness
  • Attention to Mechanics

We are always welcoming exceptional raiders to the roster–especially players that can play flexible classes! All raid positions are competitive and earned. If you think you’re better than our main raiders, please apply and show us!

Amalgin, Guild Master | Rabbit10#1729 (B-Tag)
Cúpcakes, Recruitment - Alt + 163 | Rawrcookiez#1327 (B-Tag) or Cupcake#4301(Discord)

Looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:


Come get prog

Woohoo! Za’Qul is now dead! Time to hunker down for Azshara!

Down goes Queen Azshara! Got that CE done for this tier at US 13! Looking to add a mage to the team :).

Looking to add a mage and monk to the team!

LF Hpal/Rsham or RDPS

Woop Woop! Xanesh DOWN! :slight_smile: