[H] <Dreamz> 14/14 - Recruiting Exceptional Players for SWP

10/10 Pre nerf KT/Vash, 14/14 BT/Hyjal Day 1 Guild Recruiting Exceptional Players of all classes to help improve our core raid team for SWP.

High Prio on Bear Tank!
High Prio on Ret Pally
High Prio on Disc/Holy Priest

Will take any Big DPS / Heals to trial.

Raid dates: Wed/Sun 730-1030. BT clear on Friday Night

We use TMB and Loot council for distributing loot. Trials will be loot locked 1-2 weeks and will be trialed on: Mechanics, DPS/Heals when required, Communication and ability to listen, Attitude towards pushing for speed clears / parses.

Message any officer in Dreamz in game or direct discord msg Belgarra#9186 for more info.