[H] Disciples of Death 10M Raid+PvP guild recruiting for Cata!

DoD is a PvE/PvP ENG mature guild and recruiting core members for 10man Raiding, Arena and BG teams. We welcome Casuals and Socials looking for a place to game.

Our raid schedule is Thurs/Sun 7pm-10pm REALM time(10pm-1am EST).
Loot will be decided by a Loot Council so that we progress as a team.
LF core: War(Prot+Arms)/Hpala/Mage/Lock/Hunter/Sham(dps+heal OS)
Casuals/Socials welcomed on all level and classes - plenty of helpful friendly vets in guild.

Several Arena teams and RBG team/schedule TBA

Feel free to reach out here or discord phatkid6961 or bnet phatzas#1112