[H] <DECENT> LFM Raiders (Monday/Wednesday 6:30 PM PST!

We are a guild with experienced raiders and a fantastic, accomplished, raid leader. We will be focused on clearing normal and heroic raids first and foremost and eventually pushing into mythic with a laid back schedule (Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm PST). Although the schedule is laid back, we will take our raids seriously and expect the most out of our players.

Our raid leader lead a top 250 world guild back in WoTLK and eventually moved the guild to the game Rift. At that time Rift had a player base of about 2 million and our guild was top 4 in the world on the second raid, Hammerknell Fortress.

We want to get back to progression raiding but we understand that people have lives and responsibilities. If you want to join a guild that will push progression but won’t feel like a job, send me a message or friend request in game to join the most DE-E-E-ECENT guild in wow!

Reply here or message me online if you’re interested! Bnet: GrimJimLahey#1913