(H) <Death Trap> Need RDPS

LF caster dps ( no hunters, we have lots :slight_smile:) for mythic progression.

We are 4/12M with 30% Hive pulls with less than half hour guild prog. We pulled after downing Shad.

We are on Illidan and raid Friday and Saturday 9-Midnight Central Time.

We also run keys at a decent level plus heroics on a one day weekly basis. Was Monday going to be switching that to Tuesday.

We have a solid group but are looking to replace some bad attitudes and underperformers to finish this tier at at least 7/12 and go into SL. We formed a few months ago and were comprised of a lot of returning players and went through normals to where we are now in a decent amount of time.

If interested please respond here or add me to battlenet mightyowl#158680.