[H] dead on my screen - Tichondrius | 2/9M, AOTC | 6-9pm PST Tuesday Thursday

Hey all! My name is Nebula and I am the GM of dead on my screen on US - Tichondrius. We are a newer guild as of this expac, and looking to fill our roster with players that fit our chill vibe while also wanting to progress as hard as we can in current content. HOWEVER, we also accept social members and casuals. With that said, raiding and keys are our main focus and here’s some info on that:

Raid Experience: Before we started as a guild, most of us have been Mythic and some of us, Cutting Edge raiders. Similar to many players, a lot of us didn’t play much during Shadowlands so we started this guild mid VOTI after our starter Dragonflight guild got nuked. So, as a guild we cleared AOTC for VOTI and the rest of us pugged 2-3+/8M. Presently trying to recruit and build up a solid roster to push current Mythic content and build a more hardcore Mythic team in the future.

Key Experience:
We have people who consistently run 15-20+'s throughout the week and are all well over KSM IO. If you need to gear an alt or want to hard push into 20+ keys, we’ve got some buddies for you. Similarly, this guild is not “cliquey” like some guilds are. We always have room for everyone.

About our guild: Leadership have been competitive raiders for a long time, receiving various cutting edges etc. We are currently trying to build a community here while also having competitive raiders and key pushers. There’s also talk of a rated battleground team. We’re all super chill and are always laughing and being goofy during trash, but know when to reign it in during prog. The only reason we haven’t gotten further into mythic yet is because we don’t have the bodies.

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Thursday (6-9pm PST, 7-10pm MST, 8-11pm CST, 9pm-12am EST)

Current Progression: ABBERUS: 9/9 H 1/8 M (Many of us are already 3 or 4/9M) | VOTI: 8/8 H 2/8 M (Mythic was pugged and not reflected on Raider io)

Requirements: 18+, positive attitude, working headset, class knowledge, fight research, ability to take constructive criticism and implement it into your gameplay, chill vibe. Be socially aware and not inflammatory. This guild is very diverse in many ways and hate speech isn’t tolerated.


Tank - Our current OT can multi-class and spec on various chars, so we could potentially use a tank as well.
DPS - about 2 slots open. Could use various classes. Mage, Ret, Rogue, Shaman, etc.

heavy breathing

SO anyways we’d love to have a chat if you are open to it, and if you have any questions please send them all to me.

Contact Info:

Discord (preferred) - oddishsalad
Bnet - QTNebula#1174


Good group. Knows when to laugh and have a good time and when to buckle down and focus.

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Ayyy!!! Thank you Battle :smiley:

Great progression vibe chill group

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Did a raid with them, very friendly and funny group of people. 5/5 stars would raid again

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I’ve been with this guild for months now. I actually server transferred after raiding with them once lol Before this guild I couldn’t find a good guild to raid with since wrath. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in it.

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To the top we go! :slight_smile:

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Yall are too sweet lol

Great guild that is welcoming to beginners! Has been super supportive to those brand new to Mythic raiding and is full of really great people

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:smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face: <3 thank you!

to the top we go again :slight_smile:

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Bump! Still looking for more solid DPS :slight_smile:

To the top! Always looking for reliable raiders :slight_smile: