[H] <Daydreamers> 10/12H Recruiting DPS! Out of guild raiders welcome

Halfway through heroic now and still truckin tonight!

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And 7/12 now; N’Zoth’s gettin nervous!

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Join us tonight to do some heroic re-clear! Get yer gear! Kick some butts!

Vexiona down, yay! Only four bosses left, help us take em out!

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Let’s gooooo, 8 bosses down!

Stuck at home? Come raid with us, no better way to pretend to be productive! :grin:

Come raid with us!

Got in some amazing progress on Illygnoth last night! Come join us Sunday for perhaps a kill?

More amazing progress on Illy, as in they DEAD! Only two left! :crazy_face:

Illy’gnoth was nothing against our power! Come join us in progression against Carapace!