[H] <Dawn> Area-52 Recruiting for Shadowlands

3 Day Raid Schedule
Core Raid: Thur/Fri/Sat
Raid Time for each timezone…
[ 10pm-1am EST ]
[ 9pm-12am CT ]
[ 7pm-10pm PST ]
…Raid begins forming 30 mins before raid time

Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
Ranged DPS: OPEN

Currently filling out our final spots for the “Core Mythic Roster” moving into shadowlands. We are intending to have majority of players max level within a timely manner to begin our gearing process for heroic then into mythic the following weeks of release of the new tier (Castle Nathria)

Faction: Horde 10/12 Mythic
About Us: Dawn is a mythic raiding guild with goals of achieving CE. Outside of raid, we’re pushing Mythic Plus and PvP & chilling in discord.

[Guild Disclaimer] ALL Members expected to be decent human being don’t be a dick… You represent the guild and we have expectations of our members. We, under no circumstances, tolerate harassment, bullying, teasing, “eliteism”, or sexism.

Guild GOAL: “Top 100 on Area-52 for Shadowlands.”

REQUIREMENTS to joining “Core”. Any exceptional players will always be considered, regardless of class/spec. Our roster is serious about progressing at a decent pace, meaning consistent under performers will be replaced until further notice. We highly encourage if trialing for core to be completely 100% on you A game. A core spot is something proven and earned with each new tier. This is what we honor in Dawn.

Core Expectations: We are looking for committed raiders who show up to raid knowing what their role will be on any encounter, farm or progression. At the same time, we expect our raiders to have a relaxed attitude yet focused. Be an active player. On top of maintaining a 95% raid attendance for core raiders, we expect you to be active within the guild having fun and doing content together outside of raid. Whether that Be Mythic Plus, PvP, or farming cosmetics. Be knowledgeable about your class. This means keeping up to date on your Theory crafting. Our core members are here to strive for quality performance and push one another in a friendly, fun and competitive environment.

We expect core to have done necessary research for boss fights, zoning into raid prepared and ready with personal consumables.

Interested in joining Core Roster? We want you!

Btag: Raw#11616
Discord: Raw#9875

Looking for rdps right now

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still looking

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Hello, I am a fire mage interested in joining your guild. My battle tag is Neroh#1539 / Discord: B4N3#4604

Currently 2/12M and 12/12H NYA

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Looking to add a couple more RDPS and/or Rogue! Roster is filling with some solid players!

LF More ranged DPS. Lock/Mage/Boomy ideally

Core roster is filling for Shadowlands start your trial today!

A rogue would be wonderful

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Great people in and out of raid! join us for Shadowlands :smiley:

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A solid ranged DPS would be a blessing :slight_smile:

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recruitment is open for SL?

yes it is pappas

Come have fun with us!!!

back to the top we go

Looking for DPS for M nzoth and SL

Open recruit for shadowlands currently prepping in retail and beta!

Its time for yet another bump. We need dps for SL all welcome to apply

we doin it big in SL !!!

What’s everyone’s favorite song

Bumpidy bump.
Guild still looking forward to kicking butts in SL!
Current guild shenanigans include Dead by daylight and Among us for the lols, come and see!