[H] <Dark Intent> Recruiting for Shadowlands


Dark Intent is recently formed guild from a group of friends looking to expand our roster for Shadowlands. We are located on Jaedenar and are in the EST time zone. Most of us are raiders from current and previous expansions going all the way back to BC.

We are looking for players who are willing to learn and want to have a fun time.

  • Just hit 50? Perfect.
  • Still leveling? Come on in.
  • Mythic Raider looking to go for world first? Well, maybe one day, but not now.

We have not set up raid times yet, but as most of us do work full time jobs, it will be friendly for those in a similar situation.

What we are seeking:

DPS - All welcome

Healers - All welcome

If you are interested, you can contact me at on bnet at - Drax1c#1708