[H - Dalaran] returning veteran LF socially active casual guild


Looking for a casual horde guild based on the Dalaran realm. I am just returning but have been playing on and off since 2006. I recently hit 120 on my main and I am working on gearing up (currently ilvl350). I am admittedly waiting for Classic to release, but until then I will be quite active on Retail.

I am mainly interested in a guild that has a lot of social activity, runs dungeons/mythics, island expeditions, achievement/mog runs and a little bit of pvp. I would be interested in doing some casual raiding but I’m not looking to make any commitments. I enjoy helping others when I can and would like the guild to have the same mentality.

I’m 30 years old from the east coast and would prefer a guild with a lot of members around my age group.