[H] <Crash Override> 10/10H LFM

< Crash Override > - 10/10H - Winterhoof/Kilrogg - Horde

Want to actually have fun WHILE raiding?!?

Crash Override was formed in the middle of patch 9.0 with the goal of achieving AOTC each patch for our small but dependable raid group. Having now achieved AOTC for Castle Nathria, we are looking to add to our ranks in preparation for patch 9.1 which will bring us The Sanctum of Domination Raid.

At Crash Override, you’ll find a friendly group of people with common goals in mind. Joking, trash-talk, and friendly competition are what our raid nights are all about.

We encourage players of all skill & experience levels to apply. We are very willing to teach and help those who want to take their experience up a notch.

We raid on Thursdays and Sundays from 6pm - 9pm PST.

Raid Expectations:

  • Bring your MAIN to progression nights.

  • Use Discord and communicate.

  • Have a good attitude and knowledge of your class.

  • Be open to receiving and providing constructive feedback.

  • Maintain good raid attendance.

  • Use DBM & WeakAuras

Raider Perks

  • Guild Sponsored Raid Consumables (DPS Pots/Flasks/Vantus Runes/Food)
  • Guild Sponsored Equipment Repairs
  • Keep any BoE’s you find
  • Raider Logs analysis
  • Discord Server with Raid Notes and Sim Bots

Current Needs

All DPS and Healing classes are currently needed.

If you’re interested in becoming a member and conquering the Shadowlands with us, please join our discord using the following link and complete the application in the “raid-application” channel:


An officer will reach out to you within 1-2 days of receiving your application.