{H} couple looking for a guild

My girl and I decided to play wow again, we both played from vanilla up until cata/mop. We are looking for a fun guild for PvP and raids.

I would also love to find a guild that plans on having a presence on a vanilla server when they launch.

I have a guardian druid and an affliction lock… she plays priest

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My guild crimson moon is looking for a few new members for our heroic raid team. We are a social group that raids for aotc. We run keys, pvp, old content for fun, achievements, the works lol. We also do have a few people excited for classic. I expect a bunch of us will be getting it. We raid wed and sun 7:30 - 10:30 pm est. If you’d like to meet us or try out with the raid contact me on battlenet my btag is finkette#1211. Also any questions I’d be happy to answer.

Hey we’re looking for raid members! We are seeking all roles to be filled. We raid 7:30-11:00 pm server time on Tues. and Wed. We run keys and all that jazz pretty often and like pushing keys to as high as we can.
If you are interested PST myself, Sneakysnake, Bigrichard, or Bigshaq in game.
Or you can add my:
Bnet: Philipek#1250
Discord: Philip_thegreat#6969