[H]Corrupted Destiny is Recruiting RAID Tanks

Corrupted Destiny IS one of Skywall’s oldest and largest standing guilds - very active with a large player base! We’ve always got something going on: mythic dungeons, normal runs for alts, Island Expeditions, Warfronts, Incursions, Transmog runs (aka 'Chu’s Shopping Trips), Raiding, Brawler’s guild activities… Even random activities like fishing at Darkmoon Faire while standing on water and wearing a fish head side by side!! All adult guild 18+ years old.

Raid-wise we are 9/9 N Dazar’alor and have members with 9/9 H experience. Our raid schedule currently is 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) to 9pm PST (11pm EST) Thursday and Monday. (Subject to change as we try to accommodate more members).

We have an active FB page and Discord server that is up to date on ALL game info as it happens, and of course fun stuff… as it happens as well!

As always, we are recruiting. Looking for raiders (healers preferred but all are welcome), casuals, in betweens, anyone who is looking for a guild! Do NOT be intimidated to ask to join us even though you are not level 120! Come and join us! We maintain a ZERO drama policy!!

Come experience the reason a guild as old as CD continues to stand and stand strong year after year after year! Come… and get… CORRUPTED!!!

Chu#12466 - Wanheda#11925

Ran with these guys on several occasions! Finally ended up joining them! BEST DECISION EVER! WONDERFUL group of people! Super fun to raid with… Really make you feel welcome and at home… what a guild should be like! Come on people and give us a try! You won’t regret it!

Just kicked off our 3rd annual MOG OFF 2019 event! Great fun and prizes! Come and join us! We are still recruiting raiders and non raiders!