[H] Corrupted Destiny 8/8H 1/8M Uldir


Corrupted Destiny-Skywall/Drak'thul US realm


We are currently 8/8 Normal Uldir and 2/8 Heroic Uldir -- Kickin' !@# and hell with their names!

1st raid - Sun/Tues/Thurs 600-830pst
2nd raid - Fri/Mon 530-800pst

We ARE one of Skywall's largest and oldest standing guilds! Very active with a large player base. ALWAYS something going on, mythic dungeon runs, normal runs for alts, Island Expeditions, Arathi Highlands Warfront, PVP events.... always something!!!

Come experience the reason a guild as old as CD continues to stand and stand strong year after year after year! Come...... and get.... CORRUPTED!!!

Chu#12466 or Deni#1743

Check out Barcat's how-to video! He has more! He is one of CD's profound mount hoarders!
I'd like to join. I leveled a new Warlock on Skywall, but I am from Stormrage and was fully cleared with EN before I stopped playing a couple months ago.
Come on over and join us! You know you want to dagnabbit!

We don't just raid wow gamers! We look good while we do it! We have a large casual gamer base as well as raiders and we are looking for YOU! We just held our 2017 Mog-Off adn currently holding a vote off for 1st 2nd and 3rd place! Free month of game time and a Blizzard plushie and substantial amount of gold for the prizes! Cause THIS is how we roll! We are a family! We are Corrupted! Why not you! Come... Get... CORRUPTED!!! Here's a memory I created for all my guild mates of this event!

Hai! Still looking for you! We are gonna leave the porch light on for you, come on home to us! Come.... Get.... CORRUPTED!

Hai raiders! Chu here! Just stopping in to let you know the porch light is still on for when you get here! We are farming N/H Nighthold every Mon/Tues and Thurs/Sunday we are raiding mythic. 5/7 Mythic EN currently and about to move into Mythic NH. What are you waiting for?? Come..... Get..... CORRUPTED! Chu#12466
(H) Corrupted Destiny guild on Skywall/Drak'thul is recruiting dependable consistant core team raiders (DPS)! And anyone else who wants to join a fun and alive guild!! We currently are 9/9 Normal ToS and 4/9 Heroic ToS. Progression Raid schedule is Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pst. We use mumble for voice chat. We do other raids, mythic key runs and transmog runs for everyone on other nights! Lots of events in guild that award game time, plushies, gold and more! Corrupted Destiny guild has been around since the beginning, it is one of Skywall's oldest guilds..... we have watched them come and go while we keep going and going strong! We are like a family here regardless if you are core raider or not .... everyone is a core guild member.... everyone! Come on and join us! What are you waiting for? Come..... Get.... CORRUPTED!
CD was good people back in the day - join up!
**HEADS UP RAIDERS** We are currently recruiting for off tank and heals with strong dps specs, always recruiting dps too. MUST be dependable, OT MUST be knowledgeable of all fights regardless if new fight or old .... ALL players MUST be team players! None of us solo this stuff! (at least not yet) Mature players with crude sense of humor some days but we all are a family here at CD.... what? dont believe me? Only one way for you to find out then..... come..... get.... CORRUPTED!!! Chu#12466 or Deni#1743

CURRENTLY RECRUITING MELEE DPS for our CORE raid team! 6/9 Heroic ToS! Casuals welcome as ALWAYS! Come join us! Come.... Get.... CORRUPTED!

Hello, 3 weeks new to the game and loving it . Even though I'm new to wow I'm not new to the mmo scene. Played aion,rift,guild wars and others . Looking for a guild to get into and learn / push end game content . I sent a in game friend request to the 3 names about hope to talk to someone soon.
8/9 Heroic ToS

Still recruiting - need melee dps and Druid/Priest heals - dependable consistant raiders! As always looking for other raid spot as well! Casual players much for you to do and enjoy in guild as well! So come on guys, you know you want to.... Come... Get.... CORRUPTED!

Chu#12466 - Deni#1743

8/9 Heroic ToS Come be a part of something huge and something fun!!


Corrupted Destiny wants YOU! Skywall/Drak'thul realms..... We are now 9/9 N and H Tos....... Currently looking for 2nd tank and melee dps for core raid team! Ranged and Heals are encouraged to apply with us as well! Our 2nd 'Mog Off' of 2017 is underway please watch the video I made to announce this in guild! We are not just a guild.... we are a family! Alot of us like myself have been with Corrupted Destiny since the beginning.... we have always been here as other guilds come and go......we will CONTINUE to be here! So come join us and be a part of something BIG! Come join us in time to help us smash the gates of the next raid! Come....Get.... CORRUPTED!!!

Chu#12466 - Deni#1743
Hai Raiders! Looking for a guild you can call home?? Looking for a guild you can raid with?? Looking for a guild thats active?? Mature and Fun?? Look no more!

Corrupted Destiny guild is looking for YOU!! Are you wanting to raid and havnt been able to? Maybe you need a guild that does..... Hope to log in and see other guild members online?? Maybe you need a guild that its possible in! We are one of Skywall's oldest guilds. We have watched them come and go and yet we remain strong! We feel as if we are a family.... you will too! We are getting ready for Antorus the Burning Throne raid incoming soon! Come and join us and help us kick !@# in there! Casual raider? Non raider? Come join us anyway, run our lesser raids just to get some gear or to gear up your alt!!

We have been here for a long time.... Come and join us and you will immediately know why this is so!

Im Chu.... and I am waiting for you!!

Chu#12466 - Deni#1743
I am interested in tanking for your guild and specifically tomorrow for new raid.
***7/11 N Antorus as of 11/30/17***

RECRUITING NOW! Raiders AND Casuals!

Raid times 630-830 pst Tues/Thur/Sun

Casual/Alt raid 630-830 pst Monday

Come join us! Be a part of the CD Family!

Im waiting on you!

Chu#12466 or Deni#1743
11/27/2017 09:45 AMPosted by Raditz
I am interested in tanking for your guild and specifically tomorrow for new raid.

Was that you I spoke with in game? If not add me on bnet and speak with me online please thanks!
11/11 N Antorus as of 12/3/17

Bout to head into heroic..... gonna get HOT up in here!

Watcha waitin' for?